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Fife Day Care Services Ltd

Welcome to our organisation

Mission Statement

Fife Day Care Services will constantly strive to provide quality active ageing day centre based support to older adults (over 65’s). The day centre staff team will be appropriately trained relevant to their role within the organisation and will be equipped to enable service user choice and opportunity to socialise with peer group and participate in a range of stimulating recreational, creative and physical activities. As a third sector organisation, we also commit to continuous volunteer involvement in all aspects of our work, tapping into skills and experience that will enhance the quality of the service we provide. 



· Provide a safe and supported environment for older people to socialise

· Provide support, but encourage self management and enable older people to be as independent as  reasonably possible

· Alleviate loneliness and isolation thus Improving mental health and well being

· Encourage healthy eating and physical activity thus improving overall health, strength and balance

· Cultivate optimism, boost self esteem and confidence

·  Cultivate friendships & a network of support

· Continuous monitoring of physical and mental health of service users, involving other agencies and professionals if and when required

· Provide advice, signposting individuals to other relevant agencies and professionals if and when required

· Provide a few hours respite for service users and their relatives/carers

· Provide volunteer opportunities and student placements with mentoring, guidance, training and support as required


 Registered Charity, Charity No. SC012298 
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