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CIRCA what is it (Computer interactive reminiscence and conversation aid) CIRCA is a communication system for people with memory loss, It lets those with short term (working) memory loss draw on reminiscences to converse and interact with care givers. it features an very easy to use touch screen that displays photos, music, video and text to help those with dementia access long term memory, Circa also has LIM (Living in the moment) Games including shooting gallery, Beat the goalie and Musical chimes. It has been a great success and brought such enjoyment and laughter to all who uses. Its simply Great Fun.

Fun Times

Chair Basketball and Parachute Game Physical activity is something we try to get as many of our service users involved in as much as possible. We have loads of outdoor and indoor activities for everyone to try.

Music and Movement

We all love music and all at Fife Day Care certainly do. We invite local musician Jackie Raitt along to the groups as often as we can. Jackie plays a super variety of music and tunes to cater for every taste, whether you dance on your seat or prefer the floor clapping and singing along really brings enjoyment to everyone.

Potting the Plants

The green fingered among our group enjoy the benefits of potting plants and making hanging baskets. This activity encourages skills, it's a super hobby. Planting is very therapeutic and is a meaningful activity that makes you feel valued and of worth.

Golf and Darts

Golf and Darts is an old favourite physical activity enjoyed by most, it certainly brings out the competitive side of everyone

Pampering Session

Some of the ladies at our groups love a wee pampering session, having their hair, makeup and nails polished and painted including hand and arm massage and a foot spa. Some gentlemen also enjoy the footspa its a great way to have a blether and a relaxing cup of tea.

Arts and Crafts

Most of our group love to paint and draw we have lots of artist resources on hand for your use. Arts and crafts is extremely popular around festive periods. We adorn our walls with your work of art for all to see.

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Reminiscence and Poetry sessions, This year our lovely Treasurer Margaret Morgan has been a regular visitor to our groups. Margaret facilitates reminiscence and poetry sessions with our service users. Everyone thoroughly enjoys them, particularly those with Dementia. Apart from being fun there is evidence that the sessions can improve mood and give a sense of well being which helps raise self esteem especially those with mental abilities such as memory. Combined with Margaret's knowledge of the area whilst growing up in the area her wit and poetry skills, these weekly sessions are a major hit.

Christmas at Grainger Street

The staff and volunteers, with the help of music courtesy of Jackie Raitt do a terrific job of creating a wonderful party atmosphere. The staff prepared and cooked excellent Christmas lunches and snacks. We even had a visit from Santa.

 Registered Charity, Charity No. SC012298 
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