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About us

Active Ageing Day Support


Active Ageing is the process of optimising opportunities to actively promote independence and well being; provide support in settings appropriate to the individual’s circumstances and aspirations and access to other services to enhance quality of life as people age.

The word “active” refers to continuing participation in social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civic affairs. Older people who retire from work and those who are ill or live with disabilities can remain active contributors to their families, peers and communities. Active ageing aims to extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life for all people as they age, including those who are frail, disabled and in need of care.

There are many benefits of an active ageing life and the promotion of good physical and mental health and well being. The Active Age model of day care strives to:

  • Enhance the quality and enjoyment of life
  • Promote an understanding of local health care services and resources available
  • Improve confidence
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Enable older people to live independently for as long as they wish
  • Help older people to remain active members of their community
  • Improve competence in personal health care


By providing the following:

  • Venues that are appropriately staffed during the delivery of the day service provision
  • Activities to provide mental stimulation as well as physical therapeutic activity
  • Access to local day services throughout Fife for older people who can meet their own personal care needs
  • The offer of respite for carers
  • A well balanced and nutritional meal
  • An opportunity for individuals to interact with their peers
  • Opportunities to help in the choice and planning of social activities
  • Signposting to other services and benefits advice
  • Named workers who will have particular responsibility for understanding your needs and preferences
  • Support with minimal personal care if required
  • The delivery of person-centred approach
  • Supporting service users to define and realise their goals and aspirations
  • The delivery of activity programmes that offer physical and mental stimulation appropriate to service users needs and preferences
  • Ensuring that staff and volunteers are properly trained
  • Ensuring that staff and volunteers have understanding, knowledge, skills to meet the needs of service users with dementia
  • Flexibility within the service to meet the changing needs of service users or refer to a more appropriate service
  • The collation of, and actions taken from, service users feedback
  • Providing the required level of support to interact with others and improve independence
  • Promote an understanding of local services and resources available
 Registered Charity, Charity No. SC012298 
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